MorE 4x4 winches are driven by a series wound DC engines of power range from 5,0 to 6,0 HP. Use of closed ball bearing results in extension of device's working life. The solid steel-made carbon brush holders are more resistant to overheating. Engine's rubber o-rings are ensuring its moisture-resistance.
All MorE 4x4 winches are equipped with 3-stage planetary gears made of high grade steel. Its high reduction ratio reaches from 187:1 to 314,2:1 depending on model.
The complete set is composed of winch, steel line with hook, remote controller, roller fairlead, installation screws and wires.
Thanks to high effectiveness of work in hard conditions and operational reliability, MorE 4x4 winches are widely used in off-road sports, car transporters, road service cars, cars of hunters, foresters and travellers and even fire brigade and police vehicles.