Sport and travel with MorE 4x4
MORE 4X4 plans for 2008   (2008-03-03)

At the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 we extended our range of off-road equipment. Now our product offer includes roof top tents, aluminium roof racks, the new model MORE 4X4 16800 PRO winch, with a...  more

Testing MORE 4X4 products on the route to Karakorum in Mongolia   (2007-12-11)

The expedition, via the route of Benedictus Polonus, reached its destination of Karakorum and safely returned to Poland. After travelling 20,000 km members of the expedition had plenty of impressions to share...  more

MORE 4x4 winches – structural design   (2007-10-19)

M-8500, M-9500, M-12000 and EVO 12000 winches are the leading and most popular products from the MORE 4x4 range. This type of product, often used in everyday heavy-duty conditions, requires the suitable design...  more

MORE 4x4 for sports   (2007-10-16)

MORE 4x4 has been taking an active part in Polish off-road events since 2005. It supports Polish car sport events and rallies including Ekspedycja Kaszubia, Operacja Pomorze, Rajd o Złoty Tłok Wójta Bałtowa...  more

Expedition using the route of Benedictus Polonus   (2007-07-24)

Four off-road cars set off on their trip from Warsaw to Karakorum in Mongolia. The expedition participants, TV presenter Ms Krystyna Czubówna and the traveller and journalist Beata Pawlikowska, completed the...  more