Sport and travel with MorE 4x4
Testing MORE 4X4 products on the route to Karakorum in Mongolia   (2007-12-11)

The expedition, via the route of Benedictus Polonus, reached its destination of Karakorum and safely returned to Poland. After travelling 20,000 km members of the expedition had plenty of impressions to share. Video material brought back was used to prepare a documentary film series which could be watched on Saturdays and Sundays on the Polish Channel TVP 1.

The expedition was an excellent test of the cars and their equipment. The cars bumpers, winches, compressors, jacks, shower units and AmSteel Blue ropes being sold by the MORE 4x4 company, the Official Partner of the expedition. Despite difficult travel conditions car equipment did well and returned to Poland in a failure-free state. We are pleased to publish several selected pictures from the expedition.