Sport and travel with MorE 4x4
MORE 4x4 for sports   (2007-10-16)

MORE 4x4 has been taking an active part in Polish off-road events since 2005. It supports Polish car sport events and rallies including Ekspedycja Kaszubia, Operacja Pomorze, Rajd o Złoty Tłok Wójta Bałtowa, Ogólnopolski Zlot Pojazdów Marki Jeep, Ostrzyce Nocą, Rajd Góry Sowie, H-6 - 2006, and the largest event, Ogólnopolski Zlot Samochodów Terenowych Chojnice 2007.

The Monthana winch was the main prize of the Transsyberia 2006 rally organized by the famous traveller, Romuald Koperski. In 2007 Mr Jacek Jarosik and his disabled friend, equipped with a Monthana winch, set off on an expedition which took over a month: ”Frontiers without Barriers” to the Ukrainian and Romanian Carpathian Mountains. In July 2007 MORE 4x4 winches and off-road equipment were taken on an expedition using the route of Benedictus Polonus to China and Mongolia. Some of the participants of this project were Krystyna Czubówna, Beata Pawlikowska and the globetrotter, Przemysław Maciążek. Reports from the expedition can be watched on the Polish channel TVP1.

In 2008 products by MORE 4x4 will be tested in the extreme conditions of Tunisian heat and Icelandic cold.