Sport and travel with MorE 4x4
MORE 4x4 winches – structural design   (2007-10-19)

M-8500, M-9500, M-12000 and EVO 12000 winches are the leading and most popular products from the MORE 4x4 range. This type of product, often used in everyday heavy-duty conditions, requires the suitable design of individual device elements.

The models of winches listed above have in-line direct current motors of power from 5.0 to 6.0 HP. This means that such a motor has both winding on a rotor and stator. Motors have enclosed ball bearing systems, which considerably extend their resistance when used in devices operated under considerable load e.g. by sportspeople in extreme conditions. To ensure improved resistance all motors in MORE 4x4 winches have solid steel brushholders providing better resistance to overheating.

Winch steering is performed by means of wired or wireless remote control, which is put in motion using one of two solenoids installed outside the motor in a solenoid box. The solenoid is a replaceable part which, apart from winch steering functions, also operates as a specific motor safeguard.

All MORE 4x4 winches are equipped with three-stage planetary gears made of quality steel, ensuring a high transmission ratio from 235:1 to 265.2:1. This gear also has a clutch with a lever installed outside on the housing enabling rope unwinding without the use of the motor. This claw clutch prevents a stretched rope from becoming slack.

Drive transmission between the motor and the gear is performed by means of a shaft and a brake having braking rolls and working one-way, only during rope unwinding. The brake also works as a mechanical safeguard for the winch. Having a simple structure, it gives the element a longer service life if compared with winches of other brands, and provides an opportunity of a long-term device use without the need to replace the brake's frictional elements.

Winch comes in a set with a steel rope (from 27 to 29m with a secured hook, a roller fairlead and 1.8 m power leads, which are connected directly to a car battery.