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Expedition using the route of Benedictus Polonus   (2007-07-24)
Source: Serwis internetowy "Benedykt Polak"

Four off-road cars set off on their trip from Warsaw to Karakorum in Mongolia. The expedition participants, TV presenter Ms Krystyna Czubówna and the traveller and journalist Beata Pawlikowska, completed the 20,000 km of this route. MORE 4X4 was the Official Expedition Partner, and provided winches and off-road equipment for the expedition.

The project’s objective was to popularize Benedictus Polonus. Only a few people know that Benedictus Polonus, together with Giovanni di Piano Carpini, reached the court of the Mongolian Khan 250 years before Marco Polo! This ancient Polish traveller is an outstanding persona who still remains unknown to most people. Yet Poles do not boast about the incredible success of Benedictus Polonus, who between 1245 and 1247 travelled over 20,000 km and was the first person to return from a visit to Genghis Khan. The report of this expedition was not translated into Polish until 1986, when it was finally published in the low-circulation "Diary of Saint Anthony".

Members of the later expedition were historians and TV and radio reporters with technical support crew. During the trip they recorded master materials for a documentary about Benedictus Polonus and his historical expedition which took place 750 years ago, and its importance for modern Europe. This report was more than just a record of contemporary travel. It was also an attempt to reconstruct the ancient pioneering expedition. We were able to follow the expedition in reports on TV1 in the morning program "Tea or coffee?”