Shackles, hooks

MorE 4x4 accessories compose a series of useful off-road gadgets. Among them you will find such products as tree-trunk protection strap – a must-have in each 4wd car, hooks, shackles, M-jacks, snatch blocks, ground anchors and many other. All MorE 4x4 accessories are tested in hard conditions to comply with the requirements.

Universal hook   (Cat. no.: #A 0004)

Universal hook with the latch. Capacity: 8 tons. Usually installed on a car's bumper.  more info

Shackle omega 5/8" 3.25t   (Cat. no.: #A 0023)

Omega-shaped shackle 5/8". Weight load limit: 3.25t  more info

Shackle omega 3/4" 4.75t   (Cat. no.: #A 0024)

Omega-shaped shackle 3/4". Weight load limit: 4.75t  more info

Shackle omega 7/8" 6.5t   (Cat. no.: #A 0025)

Omega-shaped shackle 7/8". Weight load limit: 6.5t  more info